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    Our Special RE Lesson.

    November 24th, 2017 by

    Today we had seven visitors who came to teach us about Christiananity. The visitors were Hayley, Charlotte, Dan, Mari, Alex, Jahdiel and Gernoit. They live in different countries around the world Austria, Australia, Costerica, Russia, America and England.

    Part of our RE lessons has been about celebrations this half term. So today they talked about marriage. The children were asked ‘what is a marriage’ ┬áThe children had lots of fun taking part in games and answering questions.

    We then all made ‘a lantern of light’ which the children were able to take home. The visitors who are all studying at Oxford University are at Christchurch, ┬áBlakenall on Saturday and Sunday to give a light parade. Everyone is welcome.

    Thank you to our special guests for a wonderful RE lesson today.


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